Technology Solutions for People services help you to enhance your operations and to make your organization more competitive. We offer consultancy services and intelligent software solutions for your company’s management, analysis and automatization. We are specialized in process management and process planning solutions.

Our areas of expertise are lean methods, data analysis, artificial intelligence, mathematical modeling, process automation and semantic technologies. We build software solutions and models that solve complicated problems intelligently and quickly. On top of that, our software is easy to use and easy to understand.

We coach the organization leaders and personnel to take advantage data in their everyday work and decision making. Your competitive advantage and operational results will get better with clearer processes and data-driven decision making.


Tekoäly yrityksen päätöksenteon tukena

Tekoäly yrityksen päätöksenteon tukena

Yksi tämän hetken puhutuimmista teknologiaan liittyvistä aiheista on tekoäly. Tekoälyä tuntuu tunkevan joka tuutista, mutta loppujen lopuksi harva on ollut sen kanssa tekemisissä. Media puhuu paljolti tekoälyn vallankumouksesta, mutta samaan aikaan perusasiat, kuten...



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